Energy efficiency and renewable Solutions for
Hawaii, guam, and american Samoa


Here at T&T Electric, our team of electricians is committed to ensuring all of your electrical needs are met. We are known in Hilo, HI, and across the Big Island for our wind and solar energy installation and repair services. 

Whether you’re in need of a residential, industrial, commercial electrician, we can handle any size or type of job. From conducting energy audits and installing energy-efficient systems to retrofitting LED lighting system in government, residential, and commercial buildings, we do it all efficiently and correctly.

As a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in wind and solar energy, we have the materials and tools to install and repair wind turbines, energy glass, and energy storage systems. We work with the brands and systems you know and trust, such as Sun Bandit®, who is known for their on-site solar storage and photovoltaic systems with their roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and carport installation options. We even offer energy glass, which retrofits to your existing windows and will generate electricity from the sun and ambient light.

When you need an electrical contractor for any of your renewable and solar energy needs, we should be your first call. Contact us today to learn how we can help you save money on your next utility bill.

T&t ELECTRIC, INC IS AN epco company:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, & Operations Maintenance

energy efficiency solutions

energy audits

To determine inefficiencies in buildings. 

uses energy efficiency systems

Efficiency system provides power conditioning and protection from surges and spikes, reduces damaging harmonics and saves on energy consumption.

led lighting  

Indoor and outdoor LED lights including SMART CITY Lighting.  

egauge monitoring system
Monitors energy consumption with prevision and accuracy. Data are accessible on a local network or via the internet from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Greater efficiency savings.


Utilizes existing solar panel arrays to collect unused heat and convert into thermal energy producing hot water for home, helps cool solar panels by absorbing extra heat by increasing efficiency and productivity. 

With a firm grasp of cutting edge technology, T&T ELECTRIC, INC. still understands that it all comes down to CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY, and that which has been around longer than they have... ELECTRONS, and how to use them efficiently for their customers.  

renewable energy solutions

photovoltaic systems

Roof mounted, ground mounted, floating solar, and carport installations.  

wind turbines

 Clean fuel source, non-toxic emissions, generates electricity from the wind.  

energy storage systems

Flexible, long-duration energy storage for residential, commercial & utility scale. 

smart flower

All-in-one solar system with integrated two hours to install power storage without extensive installation. 


Help reduce the dependence on foreign oils which fluctuate in price rapidly.

waste to energy

A Net Greenhouse Gas Reducer, reduces landfill usage and expansions.