Pacific Energy Development Solutions, inc.
Affiliated Company to T&T Electric, Inc.
Leonard S. Tanaka

Universal Shunt Efficiency System
Sub-distributor in Philippines

The world's most advanced full power conditioner, full power protection plus energy saving ALL-IN ONE technology.

  • Reduce damaging harmonics

  • Stabilize and increase voltage

  • Balance phases

  • Improve power factor without resonance or cap banks

  • Reduce amps, kva, kvar and kwh

  • Full surge, spike and lightning protection

  • 17 to 20 years lifespan

All above documented and proven with over 8,000 installations worldwide, for over 25-years. USES is UL, CSA, and US Government approved.

magic floating solar

Benefits of Floating Solar

  • Reduction in evaporation losses
  • Ease of deployment (no leveling or laying of foundation needed)
  • No land requirement
  • Water available for cleaning
  • Possible reduction in algae growth
  • Increased energy yield from cooling effect of water
  • Synergy with electric infrastructure (in particular, when combined with existing hydropower plants). 


egauge monitoring system

Monitor electricity on every circuit with Precision and Accuracy
  • Better than a kWh Meter

    The eGauge is a CT meter, which means it can measure the power of individual circuits in your electric panel using sensors called current transformers (CTs). The meter also displays your energy data on a webpage in real-time. Watch as your graph ch anges every second, revealing potential problems that you could never discover with a simple utility bill.

  • Mobile Energy Alerts

    Carry on with your daily routine while eGauge watches for unexpected energy patterns. These text and email alerts work for you to find excess equipment usage, unexpected demand charges, loss of renewable energy production and other costly failures. Energy alerts are user-definable and can be set to trigger for virtually any threshold value.
  • Greater Efficiency Savings

    Save more money with your energy efficiency projects with a metering system that has no subscription fees. We want you to take two steps forward and no steps back when it comes to your green investments.

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smart led Street light

Sustainable - Eco Friendly - Self Supporting
  • Contribute CEPTED program
  • Big Data generation for traffic volume
  • High Potential market demand and market growth
  • None CO2 emission
  • Nocturnal darkness
  • Minimized light pollution both for residence and crop
  • Maximum energy savings and Reduced maintenance cost